Don’t Let a “No” Stop You From Your Mesothelioma Fundraising Goals

A stop NO sign meaning don't let a NO stop you

When you are fundraising, you always get some people who say “no.” It might be a donor, someone you ask to volunteer, or even a business you ask to sponsor an event. It’s important to remember that sometimes people are overwhelmed with financial obligations, personal commitments, or donation requests. That being said, there is definitely something to be said about patient persistence.

Don’t get discouraged when someone tells you that they are unable to participate in any way to assist you with your efforts. Thank them for considering and ask them to pass the word along to others who may be interested in helping out.

Let a “no” make you even more committed to reaching your goals and helping others. It can motivate you to try harder, do more, and come up with new and innovative ideas to encourage people to get involved.

Trust me, I have been told “no” many, many times while I have been involved in the mesothelioma community. It may seem frustrating at times, but don’t dwell on that. Look at all the support that you do have and gain strength from that. Most importantly, remember who you are advocating for and why you are passionate about it. Let these thoughts be the driving force behind your work and turn the negative into a positive.

Jennifer Gelsick

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Jennifer wrote about life for her family as her father, Don Smitley, battled mesothelioma. Mr. Smitley passed away in 10/2013 and now Jennifer writes with a different perspective, helping those with mesothelioma.

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