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Stress Woman
The dangers of asbestos, even one exposure, are so frightening to me that I am paralyzed at the thought of someone coming in contact with it.  Even the potential that you could be exposed is enough to bring tears to my eyes and cause serious anxiety. This applies to anyone, even a stranger, but what do you do when someone you care about doesn’t take these dangers seriously? It is so painful when someone you love, someone who has walked this horrible mesothelioma road along with you, fails [...]

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Mobile Phone
Let’s face it, we all do it. We’re sitting with a friend or family member, and we half-listen to what they’re saying because we’re looking at our phone or other device. Unfortunately, this has become our “new normal.” We rely so much on technology that we sometimes start to “unplug” our real relationships. Phone calls replace visits, text messages replace phone calls… what’s next? When my Dad was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, I didn’t even have a smart phone. To log on to social [...]

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Feb Smitley with Jennifer wedding
My father never claimed to be a musician.  He said he just “played at” the guitar but loved singing and playing with his band. Dad began singing at Church when I was little, and he practiced constantly, his latest choice of song would be stuck in my head for days. Many Saturday mornings were spent with him at the Christian book store, listening to new music, carefully choosing one. He had specific criteria that he looked for when he decided on which song to pick. He loved songs that were a [...]

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Nurse Sees Uniqueness in Each Mesothelioma Patients
Nurses are an integral part to anyone’s recovery. During my father’s battle with mesothelioma, there were countless nurses on his medical team, cheering him on, taking care of him, and becoming his friends. They were each very special to me and my family, and we still appreciate all that they did to make my Dad feel like he mattered, and that he was being cared for by caring people. When Dad had his pleurectomy at NYU Langone, there was a nurse’s aide named Doris. Dad enjoyed his time with [...]

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Rollercoaster Ride
My family and I have been riding the so-called “mesothelioma roller-coaster” for over six years now. The ups and downs of this disease are never-ending and, even though my father has since passed away, they continue. When my Dad was diagnosed, it was instant confusion followed by anger mixed with sadness, anxiety, and grief.  Upon completion of surgery and chemotherapy, it was relief and happiness.  I remember telling my husband after Dad got a report from the doctor that there was no [...]

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