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If you are reading this page, you or someone you love has probably been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma ─ a serious cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I am sure that you are worried about the challenges of mesothelioma ─ including affording medical treatment.

Combine that with questions about your treatment options, prognosis and legal rights … and you might be feeling overwhelmed!

In fact, many people diagnosed with mesothelioma (and the families who love and support them) tell me they haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since the diagnosis. They’re scared, worried, and unsure of how to get help.

It’s time to get information you can trust.

When faced with a terrible diagnosis, it’s only natural that you want answers.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information about mesothelioma, and you are likely overwhelmed with questions, fears and conflicting information.

That’s why I created “A Patient’s Guide to Mesothelioma.”

Joe Belluck My name is Joseph Belluck. Our firm, Belluck & Fox, is known as the premiere mesothelioma law firm in the country – every day, we work hard to advocate for our clients and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Over the years, I have found that when our clients come to us, they don’t just need legal help. They need medical, financial and support information they can trust.

I wanted people like you to get real, reliable answers to their questions about mesothelioma.

After all, if you have access to easy-to-understand, accurate information, you can make better decisions. And that can play a huge role in your outlook and prognosis ─ and protect your family’s finances.

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You don’t have to cope with a mesothelioma diagnosis alone.

I’d like to offer you my in-depth guide, “A Patient’s Guide to Mesothelioma,” absolutely free of charge. It contains a wealth of information and resources to help you better understand the condition, choose (and afford) appropriate treatment, and exercise your legal right to compensation.

Once you fill out the short form at the bottom of this page, I’ll send you the entire package, which includes:

  • My groundbreaking book, “A Patient’s Guide to Mesothelioma.”
  • A nutritional information package, including three FREE books from the American Cancer Society, to help you or your loved one manage mesothelioma with better nutrition.
  • An indispensable answer guide, “100 Questions and Answers About Mesothelioma.”
  • Your personal medical journal. This pocket-sized journal gives you a convenient place to jot down thoughts, questions, ideas, and feelings along your journey.
  • Your personal treatment record book. Use this book to log dates, times, and locations for your chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.

Many of our clients tell me that this is the information package they wish they’d had when they were first diagnosed with mesothelioma. But now, it’s available to you free of charge!

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Get the information you need today!

I am confident that you will find the insights and resources in this package helpful, and that it will provide you with the answers that you need to understand mesothelioma.

And if you have any questions about your mesothelioma diagnosis, call me today at 877-MESOTHELIOMA.