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Discounting the Dangers of Asbestos Discounts the Value of My Father’s Life

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The dangers of asbestos, even one exposure, are so frightening to me that I am paralyzed at the thought of someone coming in contact with it.  Even the potential that you could be exposed is enough to bring tears to my eyes and cause serious anxiety. This applies to anyone, even a stranger, but what do you do when someone you care about doesn’t take these dangers seriously?

It is so painful when someone you love, someone who has walked this horrible mesothelioma road along with you, fails to take into account the possible ramifications of what could be caused by their negligence.  My heart breaks for anyone who may come into contact with them who could also be exposed, and therefore, at risk.  I am angered by their utter disregard for the memory of my father who lost his life to mesothelioma; it almost feels like they’re saying he died in vain.

It hurts when you try to explain to someone why you are concerned and they brush it off, simply saying, “It’s fine, I was careful!” or, even worse, “You’re just being ridiculous.”  Is it fine that I’m left without a father, my mother without a husband, and my daughter without her grandfather?  Is it ridiculous that I want to spare others from what my family had to endure?  I don’t think so.

Some may say that this is overreacting, but to me, it feels like underreacting (if that’s a real thing).  Families are torn apart each and every day by this cancer that could have been prevented by the elimination and proper removal of asbestos.  If human lives were put in front of the dollar, we would be in a different situation right now with the continued spread of mesothelioma.

Sure, my words might cause some dissension, but I’m not afraid or ashamed to stand up for a cause that I believe in, one that is so real to me… too real.  So, please, don’t be afraid to fight.  Fight to be heard, fight to have your concerns addressed in a real way.  Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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Free Mesothelioma Patient & Treatment Guide

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