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Author: Joseph Belluck

Appreciate & Respect Your Father while He's Still Here
For many different reasons, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help.  You don’t know who to ask, you don’t want to impose, you’re embarrassed, or you don’t want to admit that you need the assistance.  These can ring true for anyone, but I’ve found it to be quite prevalent in the mesothelioma community. This group is made up of warriors!  It’s a group of strong, resilient, and let’s face it… sometimes stubborn (and that’s not a bad thing!) people who are steadfast in their fight.  They don’t [...]

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Dad and Mesothelioma Ups and Downs
In the years that have passed since I lost my father to mesothelioma, I have often looked at events, not only in my life and immediate community, but also globally, and wondered, what would Dad think about this?  Sometimes, they are lighthearted happenings, others, more sober topics; Dad was interested in most things and I loved hearing his opinions and simple wisdom applied to anything and everything. If Dad were to look at the advocacy that his family continues with the mesothelioma [...]

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Asbestos Found in Children's Makeup
As a mother, I worry. I worry about my daughter’s first day of school; will she be nervous? I wonder what the world will be like for her as she grows and moves into adulthood. I wonder what she will decide to be when she grows up, who will she grow up to be? Something that I never considered worrying about until my father got sick was the danger of asbestos. Sure, we know that asbestos is found in building products and things of that nature, but it being used in children’s crayons and [...]

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Honoring Dad - Mesothelioma
This time of year is beautiful for so many reasons; the birth of Jesus being celebrated, time being spent with cherished family and friends, the snowy weather, I could go on and on about things I love about Christmastime. On the other hand, it’s a tough time when you are mourning the loss of a loved one. No matter how much time passes, it’s always a hard season for me without my Dad being here. Just last night, I saw this picture of my father dressed as Santa. Every year for his Church [...]

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Dad's Presence-Despite Losing to Mesothelioma
Anyone who knew my father knew that he loved Christmas! The snow, the family time, the togetherness, and the true meaning of the season made his usual smile sparkle even more. It was always a magical time for Dad and my entire family. On Christmas morning, once presents were open, he always had something up his sleeve. Somewhere, hidden in the house, was a big present that no one else knew about. I always looked forward to this; not the gift itself, but his excitement in knowing that he was [...]

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