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Learn More: Asbestos- Related VA Disability Claims

The VA provides monthly payments to disabled veterans whose disability results from disease or injury incurred during active service. Establishing a service connection requires that you

  1. (1) are currently disabled;
  2. (2) are disabled because of something that happened in service; and
  3. (3) can provide evidence of the connection between your disability and your service.

Asbestos- Related VA Disability ClaimsAll three requirements are equally important to the VA in deciding your eligibility for disability compensation. For example, if you have an asbestos disease recognized by the VA but lack evidence that establishes the disease was incurred in service, your claim could be denied. It could also be denied if you have a qualifying disability but do not meet the VA’s service eligibility requirements or were dishonorably discharged from service.

Claims Factors Considered by the VA

While the VA considers each claim on an individual basis, the following factors may be weighed in determining whether mesothelioma or lung cancer is service-related.

  1. Was the veteran exposed to asbestos outside of his or her military service?
  2. Did the veteran ever provide fire-watch support?
  3. Was the veteran around welding, grinding or torch work—even for a short period?
  4. Was the veteran ever onboard a vessel when it was shipyard being repaired or overhauled at a shipyard?
  5. Did the veteran ever spend time working with the sheet metal or boiler crew?
  6. Was the veteran around asbestos-covered pipes or machinery that was getting ripped out?

VA Forms and Documents

Our VA-accredited claims representative helps veterans to gather all necessary documentation, fill out their benefits application accurately, and submit it to the appropriate VA office. Working with our experienced representative, who has helped many veterans with this process, gives you the best possible chance of having your benefits application approved.

Below is a list of forms and documents that you may need to complete as part of your application for benefits.

Please DO NOT submit your application until you’ve had the chance to consult with our claims representative.

  1. Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits: VA Form 21-526EZ
  2. Declaration of Status of Dependents (if applicable): VA Form 21-686c
  3. Discharge Paperwork: DD 214
  4. Exposure Summary
  5. Copies of all civilian medical records or a signed medical release allowing the VA to request those records.
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Free Mesothelioma Patient & Treatment Guide

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