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A Compassionate Community That Can Give You Answers is a comprehensive resource for those affected by asbestos-related disease. A diagnosis of mesothelioma can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. On this site you can find solutions and connect with others in the mesothelioma community.

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When a loved one has mesothelioma, you may find yourself supporting them through a very difficult time. Draw on the knowledge of our community so that you can provide the best care possible.

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Each new year brings medical research breakthroughs that not long ago seemed like science fiction. Learn the latest about mesothelioma and cancer so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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“When you are dealing with a mesothelioma it is important to know that you are not alone. Watch our video above and see how we can help you.”

Mesothelioma Statistics

The deadly cancer mesothelioma is diagnosed in close to 3,000 Americans each year. The only established cause of this cancer is exposure to asbestos. The real tragedy is that this fatal disease could have been avoided. read more

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This year the opportunity to participate in the scholarship contest has come sooner. Find out more about the deadlines and prizes by visiting our scholarhip page.

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Mesothelioma News

02 May 2015

Experience Matters for Mesothelioma Treatment, Studies Show

MesotheliomaHelp encourages patients diagnosed with mesothelioma to seek care at a facility that specializes in treatment of the rare cancer in order ...

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01 May 2015

Once again, I was humbled and honored to be a judge for the spring Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesot ...

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