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Mesothelioma Nurse Hopes for Good Things from “Moonshot” Inititative

Obama’s Moonshot - Mesothelioma

Recently, during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address he announced the “Moonshot” program, led by Vice- President Joe Biden, to help “cure” cancer. There have been other wars on cancer, but research had yet not evolved to where it is today. President Obama pledged $1 billion to fund the program over two years. We applaud this initiative and hope that the spending is approved swiftly by Congress.

As mesothelioma victims and their families know, research, like clinical trials, takes time and money before the potential promising therapy can be offered to patients. The Food and Drug Administration’s approval process, together with the stages of the clinical trials’ process takes an average of 10 years to bring a new treatment to market.

This 10 year timeline reminds me of a woman from Minnesota who is celebrating 10 years on her journey of living with mesothelioma. She has shared her journey with so many others, supported many caregivers, and has been very open about her thoughts and fears. Some of the attributes that she possesses – her positive attitude, the fight to never give up, faith, unwavering family support – we have seen in other mesothelioma patients who have not survived 10 years. What makes her a survivor?

At this point no-one knows. There are theories, maybe her age, cell type, operation that she had, or timing. Does her continuous giving back to others somehow make a difference? The “moonshot” initiative leaves us with the hope that ten years from now, this same woman will be explaining to a large group of long-term mesothelioma survivors, how she has lived a full, blessed life.

We wish her many more years of good health and happiness!

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