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Author: Lisa Hyde-Barrett

Recovering from surgery for malignant mesothelioma takes time. For many, recovery does not progress as quickly as they would like. For others, it can feel like it will never happen.  How can the recovering person help their progress? There are many things one can do to enhance recovery. First you must pick specific targets that you would like to improve upon. Write them down, and continually measure with a goal in mind. Measuring and recording your progress is powerful and keeps you on [...]

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One of the things that malignant mesothelioma experts have been telling us for a long time is that everyone’s disease is different. Just as we all have different fingerprints, scientists have found that we all are individuals and we respond to treatments in our own way. There is no one treatment that works for everyone.  For the mesothelioma community, we have specialized centers and a scientific community that is focused on improving treatment for this serious cancer. There has been [...]

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With the pandemic of the past year, we have all experienced changes and obstacles in everyday life as well as trying to stay healthy among stress that none of us has ever been through before. For the mesothelioma patient, there are no more important people before the pandemic and during the pandemic than their wives, husbands, partners, family members, significant others, friends, whoever is their primary support person. The people in their lives that step up when they are needed. These [...]

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As science progresses and we attempt to move the physical treatment of Malignant Mesothelioma forward, we have learned that the mental aspects must be addressed as well. We have also learned that this illness affects patients, caregivers, friends and loved ones.  Many people experience anxiety, depression and a host of emotions that they may not be able to identify. The Mesothelioma community has provided support groups for patients and caregivers. We have identified that depression has [...]

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We would like to recognize two women in the mesothelioma community that have had a pivotal role in advancing the treatment for patients with malignant mesothelioma. We are witnessing history in the making as we recognize their accomplishments. Decades from now, future generations will be studying their lives’ work and accomplishments. Dr. Andrea Wolf is an accomplished  surgeon and researcher. Dr. Wolf is the director of the Women’s Lung Cancer Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. [...]

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