Resources in New York
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Exposure to asbestos is the direct cause of multiple diseases — with mesothelioma perhaps the most tragic. Tens of thousands of individuals, especially working men and woman, have died from Mesothelioma in just the last couple of decades and there are 2000 – 3000 new diagnoses every year of this cruel disease. Mesothelioma takes years to develop and its effects are only seen long after one’s initial asbestos exposure has occurred. After symptoms emerge and diagnosis is given, the heartbreak of the disease is compounded by a greater tragedy: it could have been prevented. Mesothelioma did not have to strike down a single man or woman — but the information on the dangers of asbestos exposure was kept hidden. Corporations were aware, or should have been aware, of the extremely hazardous nature of asbestos, and yet said nothing, and knowingly placed workers and citizens at risk.

City Hall
City Hall Park
New York
NY – 10007

New York City, NY

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of nearly 8,336,700 residents in 2012. The home of the United Nations Headquarters, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural capital of the world.

The city is a major center for retailing, banking and finance, transportation, retailing, world trade, tourism, real estate, media, advertising, legal services, insurance, theater, fashion, and the arts in the U.S.

Major employers included Domino Sugar in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and hundreds of small manufacturing facilities.

Power plants near the city include 74th St. Powerhouse; Ravenswood Powerhouse; Arthur Kill Powerhouse; Kent Ave. Powerhouse; Hudson Ave. Powerhouse; 14th St. Powerhouse; 39th St. Powerhouse; Hellgate Powerhouse and East River Generating Station.

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Community Resources

Food Services

  • MBJ Food Services:

    500 Grand Concourse

  • Aramark:

    123-01 Roosevelt Avenue

  • Victory Food Services District Corporation:

    515 Truxton Street

Senior Living Resources

  • Institute for Community Living:

    40 Rector Street, 8th Floor
    New York
    NY - 10006
    Tel: (212) 385-3030

  • Village Care:

    154 Christopher Street
    New York
    NY - 10014
    Tel: (212) 337-5600

  • Prospect Park Residence:

    1 Prospect Park West
    NY - 11215
    Tel: (718) 622-8400

Fitness and Wellness Centers

  • Vision Wellness:

    278 West 81st Street
    New York
    NY - 10024
    Tel: (212) 600-0281 info@provencewellness.com


    125 West 14th St.
    New York
    NY - 10011
    Tel: (212) 912-2300

  • Provence Wellness:

    150 East 55th Street, 6th Floor
    New York
    NY - 10022
    Tel: (212) 832-6800 info@provencewellness.com

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