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Jan Egerton lost her more than 10-year battle with pleural mesothelioma on January 23, 2014. Through strength, determination and careful research, Jan proved that the disease that doctors told her would take her in just one year could be held at bay long enough to enjoy a full life.

Jan dedicated her life to raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos and to championing the researchers to continue to focus on finding a cure and new treatments for the cancer. Mostly, though, Jan did not want anyone else to suffer the way she and her fellow "warriors" have. Jan wanted others to know that even though the battle against mesothelioma is difficult, others have been through it before and leaning on them is important for survival. "Don't be alone in this battle ... we are all here to help each other," she said.

Jan Egerton with pets
Jan Egerton
The DreamWeavers Choice

Jan was active on Facebook answering questions from mesothelioma patients and families, offering support to her fellow "warriors" and providing links to critical research and breakthroughs in mesothelioma research. Jan also carefully chronicled her journey and hopes through her blog, "Mesothelioma – Jan’s Journey." For Jan, writing was a release for her and it helped her deal with her cancer. Instead of "mesothelioma eating away at me from the inside, writing has given it a way to come out and keep me sane," she said.

Jan melded her love of writing with her desire to help find a cure for mesothelioma by writing a novel, "The Dreamweaver’s Choice," and by donating the proceeds to the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund. For Jan's work with the MKMRF and her continued generosity to help fund research efforts by the organization, Chris Knighton named Jan Ambassador for MKMRF.

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Jan Egerton

"I hate this cancer with all my being," Jan said on many occasions, but even as her health was waning she tried to stay positive. And she wants others to stay positive even on the worst of days when they don’t want to get out of bed. "We have to make the most of each day," Jan said, "and getting up each day is always that first step to staying positive."

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