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Alternative Hair Replacement Process for Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma, a serious cancer that occurs in individuals exposed to airborne asbestos fibers, is most often treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Many women that undergo chemotherapy treatment say their biggest issue is with losing their hair, and how to manage it so they don’t look sick to everyone they meet.

Thanks to Goddess Hair Extensions & Replacement of San Francisco, women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy treatments now have a hair replacement option that allows them “the freedom of vigorous activity without the fear and discomfort of a conventional, unsecured wig.”

Sheila Matechuk, founder of the business and creator of the unique hair replacement process, was searching for a solution to thinning or loss of hair for women “facing something as traumatic as cancer.” In recognition of her work with cancer patients, Matechuk has been nominated for the “Lane Adams Quality of Life Award” from the American Cancer Society.

The award was established to recognize individuals who “innovatively and consistently provide excellent and compassionate skilled care, counsel, and/or service to persons with cancer and their families.” Matechuk was nominated by client and cancer patient and physician at Harvard who after receiving her hair replacement felt invincible and was no longer “a victim of this horrible disease.”

The client recognized “how powerful the mind-body connection” is during cancer treatment and wanted to recognize Matechuk for “the extraordinary restoration of hair lost to chemotherapy, as well as emotional and financial support to her and hundreds of other women over the past six years.”

Often called asbestos cancer, mesothelioma is highly aggressive and is resistant to many standard cancer treatments. The average survival time varies from 4 – 18 months after diagnosis, but through aggressive treatment patients may increase their survival time. Many patients and physicians realize that the process of emotional healing begins the process of physical healing and believe that through the mind-body connection patients will see improvement in their health.

Cancer Society Award Nomination

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