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Federal Shipbuilding, Kearny, NJ - Navy Ships

The following is a list of Navy ships constructed or repaired at Federal Shipbuilding in Kearny, NJ. This list includes Destroyers, Cutters, Cruisers, Battleships, Frigates, Gunboats, Torpedo Boats and Carriers.

USS Aaron Ward DD-483
USS Achernar AKA-53
USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692
USS Alshain AKA-55
USS Anderson DD-411
USS Andromeda AK-64, AKA-15
USS Anne Arundel AP-76 (SS Mormacyork C3-43)
USS Appalachian AGC-1
USS Aquarius AK-66, AKA-16
USS Atlanta CL-51
USS Ault DD-698

USS Benham DD-397
USS Black DD-666
USS Blue Ridge AGC-2
USS Borie DD-704
USS Breckinridge AP-176
USS Bristol DD-453
USS Buchanan DD-484
USS Bullard DD-660

USS Castor AKS-1 (SS Challenge C2-14)
USS Centaurus AKA-17
USS Cepheus AK-67, AKA-18
USS Chara AKA-58, AE-31
USS Charles S. Sperry DD-697
USS Chauncey DD-667
USS Clarence K. Bronson DD-668
USS Compton DD-705
USS Cooper DD-695
USS Cotten DD-669

USS Davidson DD-618, DMS-37
USS Dashiell DD-659
USS Diphda AKA-59
USS Dortch DD-670
USS Duncan DD-485

USS Edison DD-439
USS Edwards DD-619
USS Ellet DD-398
USS Ellyson DD-454, DMS-19
USS English DD-696
USS Ericsson DD-440
USS Euryale AS-22 (SS Hawaiian Merchant)

USS Fletcher DD-445, DDE-445
USS Flusser DD-368
USS Fresno CL-121

USS Gainard DD-706
USS Gatling DD-671
USS General A.E. Anderson AP-111
USS General C.H. Barth AP-119
USS General G.M. Randall AP-115
USS General H.W. Butner AP-113
USS General John Pope AP-110
USS General M.C. Meigs AP-116
USS General W.A. Mann AP-112
USS General W.H. Gordon AP-117
USS General W. Mitchell AP-114
USS General W.P. Richardson AP-118
USS Glennon DD-620
USS Guardoqui IX-218 (SS E.T. Bedford)

USS Hambleton DD-455, DMS-20
USS Hammann DD-412
USS Hamul AK-30, AD-20 (SS Flying Cloud C2-17)
USS Hank DD-702
USS Harlan R. Dickson DD-708
USS Haynsworth DD-700
USS Healy DD-672
USS Hickox DD-673
USS Hugh Purvis DD-709
USS Hunt DD-674

USS Ingraham DD-694

USS Jeffers DD-621
USS Jenkins DD-447, DDE-447
USS John Hannay AK-32 (SS Waukegan)
USS John W. Weeks DD-701
USS Juneau CL-52
USS Juneau CL-119
USS Jupiter AK-43 (SS Flying Cloud C2-17)

USS Kearny DD-432

USS Lang DD-399
USS Lansdowne DD-486
USS Lardner DD-487
USS La Vallette DD-448, DDE-448
USS Leedstown AP-73 (SS Santa Lucia)
USS Lewis Hancock DD-675
USS Leo AKA-60
USS Liberty AK-35 (SS Wichita)
USS Libra AK-53, AKA-12 (SS Jean Lykes C2-F-130)

USS Maddox DD-622
USS Marquette AKA-95
USS Marshall DD-676
USS Matthews AKA-96
USS McCalla DD-488
USS McDermut DD-677
USS McGowan DD-678
USS McNair DD-679
USS Melvin DD-680
USS Mercury AK-42, AKS-20 (SS Lightning C2-16)
USS Merrick AKA-97
USS Mervine DD-489
USS Moale DD-693
USS Montague AKA-98
USS Muliphen AKA-61

USS Nelson DD-623
USS Neosho AO-23 (SS Neosho T3-S2-A1)

USS Oberon AK-56, AKA-14 (SS Delalba C2-F-133)
USS Oglethorpe AKA-100
USS Otus AS-20 (SS Fred Morris C1-B-70)

USS Philip DD-498
USS Plunket DD-431
USS Pollux AKS-2
USS Pollux AKS-4 (SS Nancy Lykes C2-F-131)

USS Quick DD-490

USS Radford DD-446, DDE-446
USS Reid DD-369
USS Renshaw DD-499
USS Ringold DD-500
USS Rocky Mount AGC-3 (SS Rocky Mount C2-S-B1-202)
USS Rodman DD-456, DMS-21
USS Rolette AKA-99

USS Sangamon AO-28, CVE-26 (SS Esso Trenton T3-S2-A1)
USS Saufley DD-465, DDE-465
USS Schroeder DD-501
USS Shekiak AKA-62
USS Sigsbee DD-502
USS Soley DD-707
USS Somers DD-381
USS Spokane CL-120
USS Stevenson DD-645
USS Stockton DD-646
USS Suwanee AO-33, AVG-27, CVE-27 (SS Markay T3-S2-A1)

USS Theenim AKA-63
USS Thorn DD-647
USS Thuban AK-68, AKA-19 (SS Thuban C2-S-B1-203)
USS Thurston AP-77 (SS Delsantos C2-F134)
USS Titania AK-55, AKA-13 (SS Harry Culbreath C2-F-132)
USS Turner DD-648

USS Vandalia IX-191 (SS Walter Jennings)
USS Virgo AK-69, AKA-20, AE-30 (SS Virgo C2-S-B1-204)

USS Waldron DD-699
USS Wallace L. Lind DD-703
USS Waller DD-466, DDE-466
USS Warrington DD-383
USS Winston AKA-94

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