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Federal Shipbuilding, Newark NJ

Navy Shipyards

The following is a list of ships constructed or repaired at Federal Shipbuilding in Newark, NJ. This list includes Destroyers, Cutters, Cruisers, Battleships, Frigates, Gunboats, Torpedo Boats and Carriers.

USS Acree DE-167
USS Albert T. Harris DE-447
USS Amick DE-168
USS Atherton DE-169

USS Baker DE-190
USS Baron DE-166
USS Booth DE-170
USS Bronstein DE-189

USS Carroll DE-171
USS Charles E. Bannon DE-446
USS Coffman DE-191
USS Conklin DE-439
USS Cooner DE-172
USS Corbesier DE-438
USS Cross DE-448

USS Eisner DE-192
USS Eldridge DE-173
USS Eppers DD-719
USS Eugene A. Green DD-711

USS Formoe DE-509

USS Garfield Thomas DE-193
USS Gearing DD-710
USS Gilligan DE-508
USS Goss DE-444
USS Grady DE-445
USS Gustafson DE-182
USS Gyatt DD-712

USS Hamner DD-718
USS Hanna DE-449
USS Herzog DE-178
USS Heyliger DE-510

USS Joseph E. Connolly DE-450

USS Kendall C. Campbell DE-443
USS Kenneth D. Bailey DD-713

LCI(L) 161-196
USS Levy DE-162
LSM 253-295

USS Marts DE-174
USS McAnn DE-179
USS McConnell DE-163
USS McRoy Reynolds DE-440
USS Micka DE-176

USS O’Neill DE-188
USS Osterhaus DE-164

USS Parks DE-165
USS Pennewill DE-175

USS Reybold DE-177
USS Rinehart DE-196
USS Riddle DE-185
USS Roche DE-197

USS Samuel S. Miles DE-183
USS Stern DE-187
USS Straub DE-181
USS Swearer DE-186

USS Theodore E. Chandler DD-717
USS Thornhill DE-195
USS Trumpeter DE-180

USS Ulvert M. Moore DE-442

USS Wesson DE-184
USS Willam M. Wood DD-715
USS William R. Rush DD-714
USS William Seiverling DE-441
USS Wiltsie DD-716
USS Wingfield DE-194

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