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Advice to Mesothelioma Caregivers: Trust in Others

Watching someone you care about struggle with a mesothelioma diagnosis is an unbearable situation. You, yourself, are probably having a hard time as well, but feel as though you have to keep it all inside. Trust me when I say that this won’t help. It won’t make you a better caregiver, it won’t make you more supportive, and it won’t change your new reality. It is important to have some sort of outlet to express your feelings also.

By making sure that you are being taken care of, you will be more capable of helping the person you love. Find trusted friends and have an open and honest conversation. If you like to exercise, go for a long walk or jog. If art is more your speed, go to a museum or a class. You have to find what outlet works best for you individually. If you’re not sure what this may be, try something brand new! You might find joy in the most unexpected activities.

Also, it is very important to stay, or get, in touch with your faith. It will be the stronghold that carries you through this, and any tough times that you encounter throughout your life. Remember, it’s ok to ask for help. There are many support groups and organizations out there that will be able to assist you. The key is to find out what you need, and act upon this realization.

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