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Pain Reliever On the Horizon for Mesothelioma Patients
It was time for Dad to start another round of radiation treatment in Philly. This treatment was supposed to relieve some pain in Dad’s side by hopefully shrinking the cancer. He would have 14 treatments, basically most of February minus weekends. There was going to be a lot of traveling back and forth to get treatment since Dad prefers to be at home and not at my place in the city, or the Hope Lodge that is nearby. My mom was able to get a leave of absence from work to drive him back and [...]

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Dad lost his battle to mesothelioma
While living with mesothelioma there are so many worries on your mind that you do not even think about the small complications that could go wrong. Being focused on how fatigued the person is and how much pain they are in, it’s hard to notice other symptoms that occur. The first signs experienced by my father are nausea and vomiting and we all knew something was wrong, but he didn’t do anything about it. This happened only one week after he was out of the hospital recovering from blood [...]

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Amanda’s father passed away on March 16, at home surrounded by his family. Amanda had written several articles about her father’s ongoing treatments and his determination that had not been published before his passing. She believes it is important for families dealing with mesothelioma to learn about her father’s ups and downs during his last six months. Here she discusses an issue with his Coumadin levels that sent him to the hospital. The next two weeks she’ll [...]

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For the most part, summer is the happiest time of year for my family. I sometimes wonder why we stayed in the Northeast, when my whole family loves warm, sunny weather. As you might remember, I am a teacher and I have a wonderful opportunity to move down to the Jersey shore in the summertime. My family grew up going to Cape May and Wildwood each year for family vacation, sometimes several times in one summer. So, by renting a shore house I make it very convenient for my family to come visit [...]

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Before Dad’s diagnosis in January of 2013, my parents’ lives were upbeat and busy. They worked opposite shifts, Mom during the day and Dad evenings from 4pm-11pm. Since they didn’t see each other much during the week, weekends were their thing. Whether they were working in the yard or going on a day trip somewhere, they always had something planned. Our familyare huge sports’ fans, and we can all thank Dad for that. We always made the time to go to different sporting events. Each fall we [...]

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