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Pandemic Emotions with a Diagnosis of Mesothelioma

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the emotions that go with it is an ongoing challenge.  Emotions such as disbelief, denial, anger, depression are just a few  of the common ones that people have been experiencing. Some of these emotions are similar to what patients experience when they are diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma. As the pandemic wore on  people learned to live without, some lived with limited incomes, groceries, and a limited support system. The tangible things that we may have learned to live without we may have adjusted to but the emotional costs are hidden and deep.

The reality of  staying  secluded in our homes, with our social contacts very limited also had some positive benefits for some.  The ability to stop and reflect on what was important and how we have been living our lives may be one of the positive factors to come out of the pandemic. We have been given time to reevaluate and change if we want. Some of us have become  stronger, changed our outlook on life and re-evaluated what is important.

The emotions that some have experienced are similar to what a mesothelioma patient experiences. We cared for many during the pandemic. Some patients endured trying times. Patients traveled to hospitals, including centers of excellence where they were not allowed to have visitors because of the risks of COVID-19. Patients embraced these uncharted waters with bravery, faith, and hope that at the end of their journey a treatment would help. It is peculiar that hard times make us really dig deep and contemplate life, relationships, material items and what the real value of life is. Fighting mesothelioma is difficult and since it is a rare disease, options are not readily available. Many patients describe how grateful they are for receiving care for this rare illness.  Regardless of the outcomes, they are grateful for the relationships that they have been a part of, and the experiences that they have grown as individuals and the hope that was offered. 

COVID-19 is a serious health problem but healthcare providers, scientists and the government are working diligently to care for all patients with and without COVID-19. If you need help with your mesothelioma diagnosis, please reach out to someone so you can get the help you deserve. 

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