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Mesothelioma Deaths Continue to Rise
by Cortney Segmen There is no such thing as safe exposure to asbestos. Airborne exposure to these microscopic, fibrous minerals leads to asbestos-related cancers, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, and results in death for an estimated 107,000 innocent individuals each year. The horrid truth is that all deaths and illnesses related to asbestos are entirely preventable, yet each day 30 Americans will die of an asbestos-related illness. The manufacturing, import and export, [...]

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February 4 was World Cancer Day, a day to come together to pray for those afflicted with this disease, the families impacted, the warriors still fighting, and a cure. This is time for the entire cancer community to be recognized and bring light to the fact that there is much work to be done to find a cure for all cancers, in order to bring these horrific nightmares to a conclusion. Clinical trials, experimental treatments, and therapies are all in the news. The awareness this creates is [...]

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Improving Immune System's Memory May Lead to New Mesothelioma Treatment
This winter the flu has been prevalent, and has affected a record number of people. The flu vaccine can help prevent people from getting a particular strain of the flu, and if they do get it, it may be less severe. Why do the flu and other common ailments affect people so differently?  How does our body protect us against diseases?  Do products that claim to “boost” our immune system work? The key system that the body uses to defend against diseases  is the immune system. The immune system [...]

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Grief and Guilt After Losing Loved One - Mesothelioma Help
Facing death is probably is one of the most difficult issues that we have to deal with as humans. For some, there is warning and time to plan, for others though, death comes unexpectedly. The courage of people to think of others as they face their own mortality is something that is awe-inspiring. As nurses we hear many stories and perspectives. Two women recently have done unselfish, thoughtful, amazing things for their husbands to help deal with their deaths when it happens. Mrs. A is in [...]

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Nurse Explains Cancer Staging
Recently, the Prime Minister of England announced a new cabinet level position: Minister of Loneliness. When announcing the appointment, Prime Minister Theresa May called loneliness a “sad reality of modern life.”  The campaign is being led by Tracey Crouch, undersecretary of sports and civil society in the culture ministry.  They have started to work on an “England-wide strategy to tackle loneliness.”  England is a country of 60 million people, and more than nine million residents say they [...]

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