Recovery From Mesothelioma Treatment Takes Time and Patience

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When a person makes decisions regarding their health care it is usually after carefully weighing their options. They listen to the medical advice, conduct research, discuss it with their loved ones and listen to their inner voice. After making these decisions, it is difficult if the chosen path does not work out the way you had hoped or wanted.

This week, I met with a mesothelioma patient who was having a rough time. She is having a difficult recovery. After undergoing her chosen treatment, she has had multiple readmissions and visits to the clinic and emergency room. At the beginning of her journey, she was told the statistics regarding mesothelioma and interpreted it to mean with no treatment she would live just six months. However, by choosing some treatment, she was hoping  to increase the chance at more quality time.

Her journey has not been easy. She is tired and wondering when she is going to feel better. As she continued she spoke about her thoughts in the beginning of not having treatment — she did entertain the option. She is well supported, but it seems no end to the fight of everyday life. She was not that symptomatic prior to treatment, occasionally she had some shortness of breath, but now she wonders aloud if doing nothing would have been the better choice.

Not many recoveries are without issues. Hopefully this patient is in the darkest part of her journey and soon the road will be more kind to her.

I think there are moments in all of our lives when we question our choices. Experience with mesothelioma patients has taught me that sometimes recovery takes more time, along with more sleep, getting outside and moving, and slowly patients find themselves starting to feel better.

When mesothelioma patients physically start feeling better, their outlook also starts improving. Every recovery is unique. People react differently to treatment and while some issues can be addressed and fixed, others simply take time. Give yourself time and look at each minor improvement as a victory.

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