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Wishes and Gifts to a Patient Traveling for Mesothelioma Treatment

Many people have to travel for mesothelioma treatment, doctor appointments, clinical trials, and events.  Oftentimes, you would like to send something along with them to make the trip a little more comfortable, but you’re not really sure what that should be.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Why not send along some comfort in the form of slippers, a robe, or a pair of pajamas? Whether your loved one is in the hospital or a hotel, it’s always nice to get cozy and relax.
  • Send something to keep their mind occupied like a puzzle book, music, or a novel. I know that for me, my mind can be my own worst enemy at times. These items could help them keep busy and forget about the mesothelioma for a while.
  • It’s always nice to have some words of encouragement; sending a card or letter can make someone’s day. When my Dad was in the Hope Lodge, his cousin would mail jokes from time to time. Dad always enjoyed that – the laughter coupled with knowing that he was being thought of made him smile.
  • Send some snacks along! Before doing this, be aware of their appetite and eating habits. Some treatments might cause their favorite foods to be not quite so appetizing.

If you don’t know what could be useful to your friend or family member, simply ask!  Tell them you would like to give them something to help on their trip and see if they have anything in mind.  If not, just get creative!  Your thoughtfulness will make all the difference!  (And don’t forget about their caregivers!)

Free Mesothelioma Patient & Treatment Guide

Free Mesothelioma Patient & Treatment Guide

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