Father’s Participation in Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Driven by Desire to Bring Cure to Others

When my father was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, it was a devastating blow to my entire family. That is to say the least. However, throughout his illness, Dad always said that if something could come from his experience that would help someone else, it would be worth it. This is partly the reason that he decided to take part in a clinical trial.

I remember approaching this man whom I adored, and telling him that he would have the opportunity to qualify as a participant. I was so excited at the prospect of him being a part of something so wonderful, but also for another option to help him beat this disease. Despite the travel that was required, Dad agreed to do it. He told me that, once again, maybe even if this trial didn’t help him, it would help someone else someday.

Ultimately, mesothelioma took my father from me, but his part in finding a cure for this cancer continues. Through his participation in a clinical trial, he is still helping people, people that he didn’t even know. His prayer was for mesothelioma to be eradicated forever; and he did everything he could to help to make this a reality.

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