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Asbestos Exposure on Frigates

US Navy Frigates

Differing significantly from prior ship designs known as “Frigates,” these vessels were designed and built during and after World War II to function as support ships. U.S. Navy Frigates primarily served to defend convoys, with a focus on an anti-submarine combat.

As with other ships constructed during and just following WWII, Frigates had many components made from or coated with asbestos. The boilers, pumps, turbines, valves, and other propulsion equipment were all made from or contained asbestos, thus making exposure especially prevalent in the fire rooms below deck. Veterans who served on Frigates built during World War II likely dealt with regular asbestos inhalation, placing them at risk of developing mesothelioma.

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  • USS Ainsworth
  • USS Albert David
  • USS Antrim
  • USS Aubrey Fitch
  • USS Aylwin
  • USS Badger
  • USS Bagley
  • USS Barbey
  • USS Blakely
  • USS Boone
  • USS Bowen
  • USS Bradley
  • USS Brewton
  • USS Bronstein
  • USS Brooke
  • USS Brumby
  • USS Capodanno
  • USS Carr
  • USS Clark
  • USS Clifton Sprague
  • USS Connole
  • USS Cook
  • USS Copeland
  • USS Crommelin
  • USS Curts
  • USS Davidson
  • USS De Wert
  • USS Donald B. Beary
  • USS Downes
  • USS Doyle
  • USS Duncan
  • USS Edward McDonnell
  • USS Elmer Montgomery
  • USS Elrod
  • USS Estocin
  • USS Fahrion
  • USS Fanning
  • USS Flatley
  • USS Ford
  • USS Francis Hammond


  • USS Gallery
  • USS Garcia
  • USS Gary
  • USS George Philip
  • USS Glover
  • USS Gray
  • USS Halyburton
  • USS Harold E. Holt
  • USS Hawes
  • USS Hepburn
  • USS Ingraham
  • USS Jack Williams
  • USS Jarrett
  • USS Jesse L. Brown
  • USS John A. Moore
  • USS John L. Hall
  • USS Joseph Hewes
  • USS Julius A. Furer
  • USS Kauffman
  • USS Kirk
  • USS Klakring
  • USS Knox
  • USS Koelsch
  • USS Lang
  • USS Lewis B. Puller
  • USS Lockwood
  • USS Mahlon S. Tisdale
  • USS Marvin Shields
  • USS McCandless
  • USS McCloy
  • USS McClusky
  • USS McInerney
  • USS Meyerkord
  • USS Miller
  • USS Moinester
  • USS Nicholas
  • USS O’Callahan
  • USS Oliver Hazard Perry
  • USS Ouellet


  • USS Patterson
  • USS Paul
  • USS Pharris
  • USS Ramsey
  • USS Rathburne
  • USS Reasoner
  • USS Reid
  • USS Rentz
  • USS Reuben James
  • USS Richard L. Page
  • USS Roark
  • USS Robert E. Peary
  • USS Robert G. Bradley
  • USS Rodney M. Davis
  • USS Sample
  • USS Samuel B. Roberts
  • USS Samuel Eliot Morison
  • USS Schofield
  • USS Sides
  • USS Simpson
  • USS Stark
  • USS Stein
  • USS Stephen W. Groves
  • USS Talbot
  • USS Taylor
  • USS Thach
  • USS Thomas C. Hart
  • USS Trippe
  • USS Truett
  • USS Underwood
  • USS Valdez
  • USS Vandegrift
  • USS Voge
  • USS Vreeland
  • USS W. S. Sims
  • USS Wadsworth
  • USS Whipple

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