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Asbestos Exposure on Aircraft Carriers


During wartime, Aircraft Carriers are some of the most strategically important tools in the U.S. Navy’s fleet.

Acting as mobile airbases, these massive, flat-deck ships extend the reach of the military’s aerial power globally, providing a platform from which to launch airstrikes against nearly any target the world over.

They are the largest warships ever built, reaching a maximum length of nearly 1,100 feet, and have the capacity to carry well over 3,000 sailors.

Aircraft Carriers built prior to the 1970s used asbestos in various equipment in the engine and boiler spaces, including turbines, boilers, pumps, electrical components, and valves.

Gaskets and packing within the valves were also made from the mineral. This exposed countless sailors to unnecessary harm, many of whom are only now being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Veterans who served aboard any of the following ships may have been exposed in the line of duty, and have a right to seek compensation to cover the staggering medical costs associated with mesothelioma.

USS Tarawa

USS Tarawa












If you have been in another type of Navy ship such as minesweepers, amphibious warshipsbattleshipscruisersdestroyer escortsescort carriers, or frigates, it may be possible that you have been exposed to asbestos as well. Consider getting the help of an asbestos attorney.

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Free Mesothelioma Patient & Treatment Guide

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