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Asbestos Exposure on Cruisers


After Battleships were mostly retired from service, Cruisers took their place as the U.S. Navy’s largest and most powerful direct-combat surface ships. Cruisers are mid-sized warships with several different makes, each specializing in a particular function. With models including Command Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Guided Missile Cruisers, and even Aircraft Cruisers, they were versatile ships, and an important part of the fleet throughout the 20th century. Though still used, very few remain in service today.

Most Cruisers were built and operated during the height of asbestos use amongst Navy vessels, leaving many veterans who served aboard these ships at risk of contracting mesothelioma. Asbestos was utilized in much of the on board equipment, including boilers, pumps, valves, and turbines. Even the respective ammunition ships have been exposed to asbestos as well.

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  • USS Alaska
  • USS Albany
  • USS Amsterdam
  • USS Arkansas
  • USS Astoria (originally Wikes-Barre)
  • USS Atlanta
  • USS Augusta
  • USS Bainbridge
  • USS Baltimore
  • USS Belknap
  • USS Biddle
  • USS Biloxi
  • USS Birmingham
  • USS Boise
  • USS Boston
  • USS Bremerton
  • USS Brooklyn
  • USS Buffalo
  • USS Bunker Hill
  • USS California
  • USS Canberra
  • USS Chester
  • USS Chicago
  • USS Cincinnati
  • USS Cleveland
  • USS Columbia
  • USS Columbus
  • USS Concord
  • USS Dale
  • USS Dayton
  • USS Denver
  • USS Des Moines
  • USS Detroit
  • USS Duluth
  • USS England
  • USS Fall River
  • USS Fargo
  • USS Flint
  • USS Fox
  • USS Fresno
  • USS Galveston
  • USS Gridley
  • USS Guam


  • USS Halsey
  • USS Harry E. Yarnell
  • USS Helena
  • USS Honolulu
  • USS Horne
  • USS Houston (originally Vicksburg)
  • USS Huntington
  • USS Indianapolis
  • USS Josephus Daniels
  • USS Jouett
  • USS Juneau
  • USS Juneau
  • USS Leahy
  • USS Little Rock
  • USS Long Beach
  • USS Los Angeles
  • USS Louisville
  • USS Macon
  • USS Manchester
  • USS Marblehead
  • USS Memphis
  • USS Miami
  • USS Milwaukee
  • USS Minneapolis
  • USS Mississippi
  • USS Missoula
  • USS Mobile
  • USS Montana
  • USS Montpelier
  • USS Nashville
  • USS New Haven
  • USS New Orleans
  • USS Newark
  • USS Newport News
  • USS Northampton
  • USS Oakland
  • USS Oklahoma City
  • USS Omaha
  • USS Oregon City
  • USS Pasadena
  • USS Pensacola
  • USS Philadelphia
  • USS Phoenix
  • USS Pittsburgh
  • USS Portland
  • USS Portsmouth
  • USS Providence


  • USS Quincy
  • USS Raleigh
  • USS Reeves
  • USS Reno
  • USS Richmond
  • USS Richmond K. Turner
  • USS Roanoke
  • USS Rochester
  • USS Salem
  • USS Salt Lake City
  • USS San Diego
  • USS San Francisco
  • USS San Juan
  • USS Santa Fe
  • USS Savannah
  • USS Seattle
  • USS South Carolina
  • USS Spokane
  • USS Springfield
  • USS St. Louis
  • USS St. Paul
  • USS Sterett
  • USS Tallahassee
  • USS Texas
  • USS Ticonderoga
  • USS Toledo
  • USS Topeka
  • USS Trenton
  • USS Truxtun
  • USS Tucson
  • USS Tuscaloosa
  • USS Valley Forge
  • USS Vicksburg (originally Cheyenne)
  • USS Vincennes
  • USS Virginia
  • USS Washington
  • USS Wichita
  • USS Wilkes-Barre
  • USS William H. Standley
  • USS Wilmington
  • USS Worcester
  • USS Worden
  • USS Yorktown
  • USS Youngstown
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