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Blood Test - Mesothelioma Survival
Just last week, MesotheliomaHelp reported on a corporate partnership for blood test tools that will bring improved results in the detection of key lung cancer mutations. Blood biopsies are shown to be fast and accurate, as well as less stressful on the patients. Now, in another breakthrough using liquid biopsies, researchers report success in the early detection of mesothelioma and screening for multiple cancers using one tool. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have developed the [...]

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Early Detection of Mesothelioma
MesotheliomaHelp has reported multiple times on the ongoing research to use liquid biopsies or blood samples to detect and manage the treatment of cancer. The non-invasive approach is easier on patients and can return results more quickly. Now, researchers report they have developed a tool that can look at a blood sample and determine whether cancer is present and its point of origin. Find out more about research using blood tests here and here. Researchers from The University of [...]

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technology for early mesothelioma diagnosis
I remember the phone call so vividly: walking into the gym after a long day at work. My phone rang, and I just knew it was my mother. We were supposed to get Dad’s diagnosis at the end of the week – sure enough it was Friday and here she was calling. I dropped my bag, answered my phone, and bam, there it was. Mesothelioma. I froze. What was this? Neither my mom nor I had a clue as to what this cancer was all about. I don’t remember if I was more scared and upset by Dad definitely [...]

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Mesothelioma Patients Blood Clots
In September, Duke researchers warned cancer patients of the potential of developing blood clots, or venous thromboembolism (VTE), during treatment, and up to one year after receiving chemotherapy. Now, the SAVE-ONCO study, funded by Sanofi, reports that in patients who were treated with an experimental form of heparin the risk of developing a blood clot was reduced by 65%. For mesothelioma patients facing other life-threatening complications, the addition of a blood thinner, such as [...]

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