Below are the Scholarship Finalists for 2016 in alphabetical order:

2016 MesotheliomaHelp Scholarship Essay Contest Finalists

1st Place Winner

Landon PoeLandon Poe

I am Landon, a cadet at the Citadel Military College of South Carolina. I major in both Business Administration and International Relations, and following graduation I will be pursuing a masters in Planning, Growth & Regeneration at the University of Cambridge next year. Too often, race, poverty and environment converge to create communities near polluting industries, concentrating disadvantage further. I hope to become a policy maker, rejuvenating disadvantaged communities to create equal access to healthy living and working environments. Mesothelioma has woven its threads though my family’s lives but in a lot of ways, it turned my grandfather’s life around. It made him prioritise his body and his family and taught us so much about resilience. Read my essay

2nd Place Winner

Elena Corina AndriescuElena Corina Andriescu

I am very excited to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and start an inspiring career in medicine! My goal is to ultimately practice medicine in a predominantly African American residentially segregated area. These neighborhoods are often plagued by old housing that contains asbestos, so garnering a comprehention of mesothelioma and its potential medical cares is crucial for me. I thank Mesotheliomahelp.org for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing my education about cancer for a lifetime to come.

3rd Place Winner

Haider ZahabiHaider Zahabi

My name is Haider Zahabi and I am from Baghdad, Iraq. I moved to the United States in 2012 and currently live in Houston, Texas. I have been working to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering since 2013. In Iraq I worked with the U.S. military as an Interpreter in order to help build a positive relationship between Iraqis and Americans. I plan on getting my degree and making a positive impact in the world!!

4th Place Winner

John DreierJohn Dreier

John Dreier is transitioning from being a scientist at a genetics research lab to a physician assitant student at Boston University. He hopes to use his training and passion in the basic sciences to help his patients become familiar with the biological ins-and-outs of their ailments. While cancer and mesothelioma are obviously terrible afflictions, battling these hardships drive people together in a way that is hard to explain. Tapping into that emotion appealed to some basic human part of me.