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2018 Scholarship Finalists

scholarship contest

1st Place Winner

Sally Whelan

Sally-WhelanI lost my father when I was 17 from this disease. In a strange kind of way, entering this contest gave me a way to honor him, regardless of the outcome.

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2nd Place Winner

Kelley Ann McGill


I am currently a Paramedic at a Children’s Hospital in Atlanta GA, and also working towards my nursing degree. I am a “furmom” of two loving dogs and one cat. I hope that by continuing my education and gaining my nursing degree that I am better able to give high-quality care to patients.

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3rd Place Winner

Devin Marsh


I am 22 years old, studying to be a mechanical engineer. I hope to make a meaningful impact on how the world operates.

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4th Place Winner

Sheri Sanford


I was raised in Florida and currently live in Minnesota. I received my BA in Political Science and International Relations, but after my uncle’s death from mesothelioma, I made a full 180 in my career choices and am now pursuing additional education and a Masters in Physical Assistant with a focus on Oncology. I’m hoping to assist people like my uncle in mesothelioma cases.

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